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    TYM Tractors

    TS23 Compact Tractor

    TYM TS23 Compact tractor

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.



    TYM Tractor Yanmar Engine
    • Powered by 24hp Tier 4 Yanmar 3 cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine for optimum performance
    • Yanmar is a global engine manufacturer of quality, giving you the confidence in relaibility and after-sales support
    • Engine certified to meet the stringent Tier 4 engine and noise emission standards
    • A generous engine capacity of 1267cc , resulting in 60Nm torque for serious work
    • For added safety when starting the engine the driver must be seated, the brake pedal depressed and the PTO switched off


    TYM TS23 Tractor Cruise Control Lever
    • The tractor weight of 740kg is a reflection of the heavy duty transmission, driveline and axles. The tractor weight is in part, a result of the heavy front axle, which is important for a tractor fitted with a front end loader as substantial loads are applied during loader operation
    • 6 speeds forward & 2 reverse speeds
    • Main gear lever to operator's right with range lever to the left
    TYM TS23  Front Axel
    • The heavy duty front axle performs in tough working conditions and handles loads with ease
    • A long wheel base and wide stance increases stability in all conditions
    TYM TS23 4wdDiffLock
    • 4WD and the Diff Lock provides better traction, control and performance
    • 4WD mode is controlled by a lever on the left hand side of the operator
    • Quick response and durable wet disc brake
    • Ergonically designed foot brake located on LHS of the floor


    TYM TS23 PTO Function
    • Easy selection of Mid/Rear PTO which can be operated either independently or simultaneously
    • Fully independant rear PTO(540rpm) & mid PTO(2000rpm) activated by electro-hydraulic clutch
    • PTO engagement is easily operated by push button control on the dash
    • The rear linkage is Category 1 with a large lift capacity of 600kg (at ball ends)
    • Flat Tow Bar for towing of trailers
    TYM TS23 Tractor PTO
    • The PTO drive is a smiple and direct design for high efficiency and power
    • The PTO clutch is and independant oil immersed clutch pack for long life and simple push button operation
    TYM TS23 Tractor Auxiliary hydraulic valve
    • Hydraulic 3 point linkage lowering speed control


    TYM TS23 Tractor Controls
    • The ergonomic design has the controls within easy reach of the operator
    • The modern instrument panel is easy to read and displays all the essential information
    TYM TS23 Linkage Lever
    • Right Hand Side controls:
      • 3 point linkage lever

    TYM TS23 RHS Controls

    • Left Hand Side Controls
      • 4WD
      • PTO
      • High-Low transmission range lever


    TYM TS23 Tractor Access
    • Clean uncluttered access provides generous room for access on and off the tractor

    TYM TS23 Tractor folding rops

    • 2 post folding ROPS for working under trees or low clearance areas
    TYM TS23 Tractor Hood Open
    • One-touch opening hood allows complete access for daily service checks and maintenance
    • Side panels are easily removed without the need of special tools

    TYM TS23 Tractor Air Cleaner

    • Large cannister type air cleaner for dusty Australian conditions



    • Heavy duty 4 in 1 bucket optional
    • Single Joystick delivers ergonomic operation of front end loader
    • Quick detach from tractor and quick detach bucket
    • Fast Cycle times (Raise/Lower)
    • Full details & specifications on the optional front end loader


    TS25 Mid Mount Mower
    • Inbuilt loader parking stands for safety when servicing
    • Full width adjustable bump guard for tractor bonnet protection
    • Industrial front and rear tyres are forgiving on lawn areas yet still maintain traction where required and are ideal for front-end loader applications
    • 20x8-10 Front Tyers with 5 studs for greater strength
    • 27x12.50 Rear Tyres with 6 studs for greater strength
    • 60" mid mower mount


    TS23 Gear
    Engine Type (Model 3TNV80F-SDSA) Yanmar
    Number of Cylinders/cc 3/1267
    Engine Power (hp/kW) 25/18.4
    Transmission Type Manual
    Forward / Reverse Speed 6/2
    Number Speed Ranges 2
    Maximum Speed (km/h) 17
    PTO Speeds (rpm) 540
    Mid PTO (rpm) 2,000
    Independent Push Button PTO engagement (Electro-Hydraulic) Tick
    3-point Linkage Lift Capacity (kg) 600
    Number of Hydraulic Remotes 1 set
    Weight - Tractor Only (kg) 740


    Click this link to download a brochure. Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website. Follow this link to the  manufacturer's website (Tong Yang Moolsan - Korea)

    Disclaimer: Specifications and features described on the website are subject to change without notice. All care has been taken to present accurate information, however, the company is not liable for unintended errors or omissions.